Pee Safe was incepted post the troubles of a woman while visiting a public washroom. This experience led to a journey of research and development by the Co-Founder, Srijana Bagaria with the help of her husband, Vikas Bagaria, the Founder, who were determined to find an easy way out of risking UTI every time any one visits a public washroom. 

Ever since 2013, the Toilet Seat Sanitizer Spray has been a saving grace for all public toilets. With this product in your bag, everyone especially women all across the country feel much safer knowing that their risk of contracting UTI has reduced. 

Gradually, they identified the need for many hygiene essentials and took it upon ourselves to talk about things that are usually hushed in our society. 

In early 2020, Peesafe was awarded the Best SMB Brand of the year 2020 by AMAZON SMBHAV.